LetsGlow Studio
LetsGlow Studio
LetsGlow Studio
LetsGlow Studio
LetsGlow Studio
LetsGlow Studio

LetsGlow Studio

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LetsGlow Studio is a crafting kit of reflective fashion accessories that you can wear to light up your photos, videos or livestreams, no app required!

Make your own custom look using the patented LetsGlow accessories or materials. Then, affix the multi-color LED Clip to your phone to light up your custom design and create your own light shows or dance-sync videos in super-bright glowing colors!

The LetsGlow Studio includes the LetsGlow LED Clip with remote and charging cable, three reflective sticker sheets with stencils, ten reflective nail stickers, a 10ft roll of reflective sticker tape, 2 rolls of double-sided reflective material with hair clips and a pair of shutter shades for custom reflective decoration!
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This is a new level with tools that we can all use, to be different - and seen. Let's Glow is snappy and electric. There is no limit to the imagination with this product.

Charles P.

Got this as a gift for my niece and nephew and to say they are obsessed is an understatement! Highly recommend this to anyone who needs a present for a kid that loves to dance and create fun videos. You won’t regret it!

Lyne Silverton

My daughter and son have had a ton of fun with this. Already grabbed a couple more for upcoming birthday parties my kids are going to.

Kevin Staig

Got this for my sister and she has been using it nonstop making tiktok videos. Definitely recommend getting this for anyone who likes making tiktok videos or wants to be an influencer. Super cool product!


Got this for my daughter and she is LOVING it!!!

Stevie R.

My niece totally freaked when I gave her this! She made some cool videos too super impressed with this tech and worth the price. Highly recommend 5 stars all day


Kids loved it! It really allowed them to get creative.

Jessica Bogner

Perfect For my grand daughter! She will love the glow parties and selfies she can create with Lets Glow Studio.

Bonnee Ewer